Purgatory 5 Election Year

2020 has been a year we would all like to forget about. COVID has changed the course of business, vacations, lives, plans, concerts, and everything else you can imagine. Political tensions are at an all time high. Purgatory is 5 days before the most important election of our lifetime. We are standing up. We are partying. We are going to rage. Get your tickets. Halloween is a Saturday night on daylight savings during the craziest year we've ever had to date.


Purgatory is the premier Halloween party in the entire state of Montana. Since 2006, the event has amassed a total of 40,000 plus party goers and has been the home to more than 80 different DJs across 3 different cities in the state of Montana.

We have set the bar so high that people expect top notch quality.year in and year out. In 2015 the event set foot in MetraPark selling more than 2,300 tickets in the first year. Billings has been home to Purgatory since then. For the last 2 years Purgatory has posted up in multiple venues using a layout that gave party people the opportunity to choose the venue and atmosphere they prefer.

After 2019 we decided the event needed to be taken back to a single venue (MetraPark) where we can build the vision we see fit. We are back at the Expo Center this year where it all began and with 2020 being such a crazy weird year as it is, we are going to match it with an event and party unlike any we've done to date.

Yes that is true. Purgatory 5: Election Year, will take everyone back to the Expo where the atmosphere, stage, production, and vibe will be elite and unlike anything you can experience in Montana.



What You Can Expect

  1. Controversy: We are changing the way partying is done.
  2. Unpredictability: It's 2020 what do you expect.
  3. Domination: We have always set the bar for any event in Montana. It's not changing now.


  1. A VIP experience similar to 2016's Purgatory.
  2. Professional sound and lighting experience. Notice we said experience. There will be more than 100 thousand dollars worth of sound and lighting in the Expo Center this year.
  3. DJs that are not afraid to change up the "cliche norm"
  4. A bad ass haunted house courtesy of Sean O Daniel at State Farm. A Halloween Scarity Event.

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Purgatory is changing up music formats this year. This lineup was carefully selected to give everyone a taste of what they love.

We wanted to get away from strictly EDM. This year you will hear open formats, dubstep, bass, trap, house, and dance as you probably expect.

BUT.. this year you will hear a healthy dose of Hip Hop, Rap, remixes, and popular classics.

Be ready to rage. This lineup is full of skilled DJs that have surprises ready and take pride in the work they present the people.




All COVID-19 rules and regulations will be in place.  We have a limited capacity and will reach max capacity at 1,410 people.  That allows each person to have 36 sq ft of space should they need it for social distancing.

Masks are required.  The only time a mask is not required is when you are drinking.  You must be 21 plus to drink with ID.  All drinking will be done in designated "beer gardens".

Masks will be provided upon entry.  If you are wearing a mask this year as part of your Halloween costume that WILL be allowed as your mask.

Hand sanitizers and sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the building.  We encourage everyone to use these stations as much as possible.  Each time you use the bathroom, get a drink, or even touch your mask please use the sanitizer every chance you get.

MetraPark will be continually cleaning throughout the evening. All staff, DJs, production crews, and security will be abiding by the same COVID rules.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email our staff directly at purgatoryhalloween@gmail.com.